"Welcome" Signs!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today I made a "welcome" sign for my door and I would love to share them with you.  As I can't customize them all, I just decided to make the different grade levels and you can print out the one you need.  Just click on the pic below to be taken to google docs.  Hopefully this will get you excited to go back to school. :)



  1. Thanks! These are really cute!
    I like them in the black and white, but if you want color - - have some fun by matting a fun color behind it, and then get out your markers and have some fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing!!! I have a stack of your work in my wishlist at TPT. Are you having a back to school sale soon or do I have to pick and choose the ones I need the most? :)

    1. Suzie, I don't have a sale scheduled at this time. :( Thanks so much for your support though, I really appreciate it. Just out of curiosity, what is in on your wish list? I may send you some goodies. :)

    2. Practically everything that has to do with Reading/English! I love your Idioms of the week, Reading Response Newspapers, and Reading Response notebook. Those three are for sure purchases before school starts. I would love a free goodie - but even if you don't send me something you can bet I'll be buying those 3 items! Thanks again for your great work!

  3. Sorry Karin! I could only upload them in black and white. My computer kept freezing up when they were in color. UGH!!! But Sally's idea is great. I'm planning on coloring mine. PLUS I don't have a color printer at home. (Double UGH!!) ;) Hope you can still use them...

  4. I love your signs but I can't use any of them as I teach ESL:(((


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