Summer Writing and Reading Challenge!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Before sending off your students for summer, why not give them a Writing and Reading Challenge that will keep their skills fresh throughout the summer but still give them an opportunity to enjoy their break!  The first part of my reading and writing challenge gives the students a bingo like board that offers a variety of reading and writing opportunities that the students can complete over the summer. There is also a minutes log where students can log the minutes they spent reading. 
If they do complete the tasks, they have the opportunity to receive the special certificate at the end of the summer!  
Also, I like to give the students a Word Watch activity that challenges students to find a new vocabulary word every day of the summer.

 These challenges only require 4-5 pieces of paper to send home with the students(less if double sided), and are sure to keep them occupied throughout the summer! Click on any of the images to be taken to this unit!

Beyond the Basics, "Who Am I?"

Monday, May 6, 2013

One project I love to do with my students that allows them to write a true reflection of who they are is called, “WHO AM I?”  Students write descriptions about themselves that go beyond the basics and offers information about their unique personality.  Students give clues about their personality and draw a self portrait.  Here is an example that I made myself as a teacher model to give students before they began.  You can also model for the students using yourself as the subject, since we all know your students love learning the “DS” about their teacher!
 At the beginning of the year, this is a great way for students to introduce themselves.  At the END of the year, it is fun for students to guess which student wrote the paper.  Most likely, at the end of the year, students know each other pretty well and will have a fantastic time guessing 100% correctly! 
This project is available in my BACK to SCHOOL BUNDLE. Click on the picture below to be taken to your grade level!



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