Awesome Podcasts for Kids

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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My class has been loving learning and listening to Podcasts! 
Here are some great ones that are fit for our students.
Also, here is the LINK for the resource to use in your class.

Wow in the World
Explores facts about science, tech, and discoveries.

Brains On!
A science podcast for curious kids and adults tht explores questions 
about the world through science and history.

Story Pirates
Podcast stories written by kids and performed by comedians and actors.

Circle Round
A storytelling podcast that adapts folktales from around the world.

BUT WHY? A Podcast for Curious Kids
This podcast answers questions asked by curious kids.

The Past & The Curious
Podcast that shares stories from history in a fun way.

Smash Boom Best
A DEBATE where students argue for their fav things.

Tumble Science Podcast
Podcast that explores science through interviews with experts!

Peace Out
A mindfulness podcast focusing on relaxation and meditation.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian
An ongoing science fiction podcast story for kids! 

These are some amazing Podcasts for your students! 
Click HERE for resources to help your students learn about Podcasts!

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