Holding Students Accountable!

Monday, February 23, 2015
As the middle of the year approaches, I like to reflect on how I am holding students accountable.  Here are my TOP 3 ways for holding students accountable for their learning (especially when it gets tough mid-year with all the craziness happening!)
#1.) 100% Participation with White Boards
I love that every student in my class has a white board that they use to show their work, etc... and I have found that this works so well to measure student understanding.  I always have the students get these out after teaching a concept so that I can pose a question, have the students work it out on their white board, and finally hold their boards up (OR compare with a neighbor.)  I have added a NEW element that I am REALLY excited about because it gives me more insight into my student's learning.  I have the students write a number in the upper right corner of their board so they can express their level of understanding.  This really notifies me of how the students are feeling about a topic and who needs help!

Understanding Analysis Scale
4-Strong Feeling of Understanding
3-Somewhat Understand
2-Slightly Confused
1-No Level of Understanding

 #2.) REDO Slips
I hate handing back quizzes/work with things marked wrong and then often students just forget about it and stuff it in a folder.  I made these redo slips so I can attach them to work that I want the students to RETHINK, fix and return.  This also sends a message to the students and their parents that this is an EXTREMELY important topic that they need to focus on.
These can be found in my Upper Grade Teacher MUST HAVES File Cabinet!
Click HERE to be taken to this product.

#3.) Agree/Disagree Signs
Finally, I always have the students use hand signals when someone answers a question!  This way, students can agree/disagree and the discussion is promoted and extended.  However, instead of the students using the thumbs down signal, I have them make a horizontal slicing motion with their hands.  It is more distinguishable than the thumbs down signal!  If you would like a copy of the reminder posters, click on the link below!

Do you have any additional tips for keeping your students accountable?
I would LOVE to hear them!


  1. I absolutely love the redo slips idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Love the redo slips!!!! Attaching them to papers tomorrow!!!!

  3. White boards are the best invention ever! I will have to try out your redo slips idea!

    The Math Maniac

  4. Thanks Tara! Let me know how they work out!

  5. I have been using redos for a while now and I love the idea of your slips - that way I don't have to mark up their original paper. I also put redo papers in a special folder in their graded papers bin so that they are separate from the others. Thanks!

  6. How do users feel this is working? My initial thought was that this would encourage students just to go ask other students or their parents for the answers and not really learn anything for themselves. I am considering using this, but I am also considering making one on my own that requires them to come to tutorials for help. Any feedback on how this is working would be helpful.

  7. Do you give the kids credit if they correct their work when they redo it?

    1. Yes Patricia! I usually do. :) But I also keep them for Parent Teacher conferences so that they can see that this was a concept that was difficult for them. Great evidence!

  8. I absolutely LOVE these redo slips!!! They are perfect for student files/documentation. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  9. I just read about, and downloaded, your redo slips! Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I had found them sooner!!!

    I do handmotions with my children as well. Whether they are correct or incorrect, the motion tells me who was on the same wave length. It is the hang ten sign pointing the them to themselves and their pinky toward the person who answered. I believe it shows the thinker and me where their thinking is. It also validates the person answering, whether correct or incorrect, that they are not alone in how they answered.

  10. Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas. I plan to use each of them this year.

  11. How do you keep track of the re-do assignments to make sure they come back?

  12. These are wonderful ideas that I will definitely try out! I also would like to know how you keep track of the re-do assignments to ensure they are coming back?


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