Pumpkins, Prepositions, and Poetry!

Monday, October 17, 2016

We are in the middle of studying prepositions and we kicked off our preposition studies with some Pumpkin Preposition Poetry. We started with the Preposition Song seen below that I still remember from my sixth grade English teacher sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.  

Teaching the Prepositions

Teaching prepositions through song is very catchy and such an easy way for students to recall the different prepositions! I still catch myself singing this to determine if a word is in fact a preposition. :) 

Anchor Chart

I also made this anchor chart based on the to help students 
visualize different prepositions. At the time, we had caterpillars in the classroom and we actually placed one on an apple to help students get an "idea" of how they could use prepositions. :)

Digging for Prepositions!

Let's dig through the text! To have the students get in some real world practice, they worked in partners to find 3-5 prepositional phrases from the book that they were reading! They took turns going up to the chart seen below to record their prepositional phrase. This was not an easy task, but they came through and it was also fun to see what everyone was reading! (5th graders at the time:))

Pumpkin Preposition Poems

Finally, the students took a crack at writing the prepositions in a poem about pumpkins. A great sentence starter we used was, "A Pumpkin Grows" which students then chose a preposition from the song and wrote a phrase that made sense to them. They came up with some great poetry! Click on the picture below to get more detailed templates that you can use with your students! 

Below is the finished product. The students typed their poems on the computers and inserted a picture of their rough drafts along with inserting a picture of a real pumpkin. They looked great on our door!

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