Starting the Year in a Digital Classroom

Monday, July 23, 2018

The last couple of years I have been slowly transitioning into a digital classroom! At this point, my students complete many of their assignments on Chrome Books, so I have been busy trying to catch up with transforming my resources digitally.  I would like to share this welcome survey (both digitized and paper versions) so that you can get to know your students better! 
Students are all at at a different places with technology, and of course some students 
feel more comfortable using Google Classroom than others.  
Taking this into consideration, I always like to give my students a technology survey.  
Click the picture of the survey below to grab the paper OR digital version!
Click on the picture below to download this survey!
There are a few projects I am extremely excited about incorporating into my classroom this year in hopes of becoming even more digitized.  This year I plan on having my students reflect a few times a week on their own digital learning wall in their Google Classroom. 
How will the digital learning wall work? Students will complete the date, subject, and any key learning concept that jumped out of them for that day! Students can choose the subject and concept! At times, after a really important lesson, I may stop and have everyone go into their learning wall and add their learning.  The fun part??? After each learning concept, students will add a hashtag to describe their learning.  Hashtags allow students a great way to think of the MAIN IDEA and details of what they learned.  Students can get as CREATIVE with this as they like! 
Here is an example of what the September slide may look like!
If you are interested in implementing this in your classroom, 
there are templates for each month of the year! 
Click below for the link!
To get a bundle of all of my digital products, click the pic below!

How are you incorporating technology this year? Please share!

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