First Week Activities: All About ME Index Card Houses

Thursday, June 25, 2015
I am LOVING my summer break so far.......but I will admit, I got an idea for a Back to School project the other day and I really want to share it with you all!!!! The first week and even the first day back at school can certainly be nerve racking!! If you are like me, I like to pack as many hands on All About Me activities as I can so that the students have plenty to do.  It's better to be over-planned than under-planned, right???  The other day, my nephew was building an index card house....he was having SO MUCH FUN that I had to somehow translate his energy into an activity for my next year's class!! I ran to Staples and HAD to get the fluorescent colored cards to build this bad boy! I had so much fun making this model so that I could share it with you all!
Back to School Night Project
Click on the pic below to grab ALL of the tabs that are 
needed for this project (and step BY step instructions!)  
Just make sure that the students complete writing and decorating the cards BEFORE constructing!!  And, by all means, the students could add more cards if they have time....I am sure some of the students would LOVE to build super tall towers.

I can't wait for the students to have these on their desks for BACK to SCHOOL night!! 
(And I will be sure to share out some pictures when they are done!) 
Do you have any first week activities that you like to do every year? 
Or are you going to try something new this year?

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