Need Fundraising Ideas? Poetry Books Are Where It's At!

Sunday, March 6, 2016
This year our entire grade level in combining poetry from each class to make a POETRY anthology in order to raise money for our 5th grade end of the year events!  We are SO excited about this and even more excited to get some of their poetry in the hands of their friends and families to share. My entire class delved into poetry head on. Was it easy? NO! This year, our focus has mainly been the dreaded 5. paragraph. essay. SO I think it was a very welcome change for my students to try something new.  The beauty about poetry? There are no paragraphs to write. It doesn't matter how long or how short it is…poetry has very few rules….because…it is poetry!!! :)

One thing my students have been practicing this year is figurative language.  So I thought, why not put all of the different types of figurative language together into one poem! What the students came up with was inspiring, refreshing, amazing AND revealed SO much about their individuality and personalities! 

The directions were to write figurative language related to one topic.  Something they wanted to become or positive qualities about themselves.  The hardest part? For the students to stay on topic…but once they could differentiate between what belonged and what didn't really "go" with the theme of their poem, they came out great! Here are some of my FAVS!
I LOVE how she drew a fork in the road to illustrate good vs. bad paths we can take in life.  
I LOVE how even some of my struggling students wrote the most AMAZING poems!
Here are some more examples!
To make their pictures more vibrant, I actually took a photo of their drawing, inserted it into a Power Point slide, selected the photo, selected the recolor option in the menu bar, and then selected the top right color saturation option.  This really made the text stand out when changed to white and I just LOVE how they look!

These are going to look GREAT in our 5th Grade Poetry Fund Raising Book all compiled together…and HOPEFULLY we will raise a lot of $$$ for our end of the year activities. WIN/WIN!!
If you would like to try this out with your class, click on the link below to purchase 
all of the templates that can guide them through the process!
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