Solar Eclipse, International Space Station, and more things about SPACE!

Saturday, April 6, 2024
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Solar Eclipses
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Mars Rovers
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International Space Station
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Pictographs using ART

Sunday, March 24, 2024



Who said math couldn't bloom with creativity? We dove into the world of pictographs, but with a twist – we're using art to make it blossom! After introducing our new vocabulary with the posters seen above, read on to see what was next. :)

math graphing lesson, 3rd grade math, math pictographs, graphing lesson    Picture this: each student is given a blank canvas, a flower pot waiting to be filled with four unique blooms. As they sketch and color, they're not just creating art; they're laying the groundwork for understanding data representation.

With every stroke of the brush (other media like colored pencils, watercolors, basically anything you have), they're also brainstorming categories – maybe it's types of ice cream flavors, favorite animals, or even sports preferences. The possibilities are as endless as a field of wildflowers!

Once their floral masterpieces are complete, we take our drawings and transformed them into pictographs. The best part is each picture is unique, so the student's data will also be unique!

Each flower becomes a symbol on our graph, and the number of each type of flower corresponds to our data.

As petals meet numbers, our pictographs come to life. It's a visual feast of colors and shapes, where math meets art in perfect harmony. And guess what? Learning feels more fun when you're painting and graphing!

Click here for the student papers.

By integrating art into our math lesson, we're not just creating pretty pictures; we're nurturing budding mathematicians and artists alike. We're fostering critical thinking skills, sparking creativity, and igniting a passion for learning.

So, let's paint and pictograph our way through math class! Together, we'll prove that when you mix a little artistry with arithmetic, it is much more fun. :)

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