Favorite (FREE) Student Reward Incentives!

Monday, February 2, 2015
My class LOVES buying positive rewards with their classroom dollars.  In the beginning of the school year, I set up my classroom economy based on Stephanie's (my amazing co-worker) series of posts for doing just that.  See how to do it here:  Teaching in Room 6.  

After the students start earning money in their banking accounts, they are ready to buy, buy, buy!  Today, I am going to share with you 6 rewards that I have found are the MOST popular with my students and that work best for me as a teacher.   And the 6 different types of passes are...
1. Sound of Music Pass
This award allows the student to bring their IPod from home OR I let them use my laptop to listen to Pandora while they are doing their independent work.  This one is a HIT! 

2. Board Games Pass
This award allows the students to involve 3 other class members.  They can bring a board game from home, and I let them play for about 45 minutes on the picnic table right outside my classroom. This award is popular because they can bring 3 of their friends and who doesn't love board games?  

3. Show "N" Tell Pass
5th Graders STILL love Show "N" TEll.  Certain kids are dying to bring something from home to share.  The most recent "sharer" brought in pictures of their latest trip to Costa Rica.  The other kids LOVED seeing the pictures (and I did too!)

4. Free Assignment Pass
Students buy this to get out of doing one in-class assignment (NOT a no homework pass.)  Students really want these because they can choose the assignment to not do. (And they can sit back and relax for  a few minutes!)

5. Computer Pass/Drawing Pass
Students can play educational games OR draw for the amount of minutes I am auctioning off (usually 30.)  The artists and techy students usually compete for this one!  

I LOVE these because the students are motivated to work for them and they do not cost me anything out of my own pocket.  I mean, how many $ have I spent at the Dollar store buying rewards for my treasure basket?  Hundreds!!! Never again though. :)
Download the passes by clicking on the pic below!

Buying Procedures
A few years ago, my friend and coworker Debbie shared with me an amazing idea~a Friday auction!  I love and have been using this auction idea on Fridays because it is much easier than having every student come to the classroom store to buy something AND it takes much less time.  Plus, I only auction 1 of the passes (of each type) a week. This way, the students REALLY have to work at saving their money in order to "buy" them!

Friday Procedure
1. After students calculate how much money they have earned, I tell the students, "We are auctioning off the _____ pass. If 
you are interested in buying this pass stand up."
2.  I start saying dollar amounts, 25$-50$ Etc...
3. Students sit down if they can not afford the pass OR if they do not want to spend that much.
4. The highest bidder gets the pass and subtracts the amount from their checking account.

Do you have ideas about FREE rewards for your students?
Best Wishes and Happy Teaching!


  1. This is genius!!! Keeping a stock of student incentives can be so expensive and time consuming. This is a way better alternative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this! We do a classroom economy for a couple of weeks in conjunction with our social studies unit. (second grade) I ask the parents to send in any little "treasures" they would like to get rid of and we use that at our store. We have raffle tickets for getting our class mascot (stuffed animal) at the end of the year. Like the auction idea, though and will give it a try this year!!

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