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Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting to Know My Students
  Starting the year off, I want to know what type of learning styles my students have SO this first “checklist” I have created gives the students the opportunity to rate different things in order for them to see if they are a “visual” “kinesthetic” or “auditory” learner.
Reading/Writing and Math/Science Questionnaires
The next questionnaires will give me insights into their learning styles and preferences for particular subjects.  Do they like working alone? In a small group? Giving presentations? Listening to music while working?  Reading from different genres of books? Using manipulatives in Math? I also thought STUDENT PORTFOLIOS! I think these would be a great portfolio piece as they will help to show a representation of the whole child.
 The next student and parent questionnaires help to get important background info. on the students which gives great insight and perspective into student's learning needs. 

The next form I am going to try out this year will encourage parent/teacher/student communication and allow students to reflect on their week.  They will write why they had a SPECTACULAR week, problems they had, something they need help with, something they tried hard on, and work that still needs to be finished. 
Finally, I like to keep track of any and all issues that arise throughout the school year with anecdotal records. They keep me organized and sane! 
Great to pull out for parent conferences.
Click on the link below to grab these goodies!
ALSO, I have updated all of my BACK to SCHOOL packs.  So if you have already purchased these, you can now re-download for the updates. GOOD LUCK in your back to school preparation!!!!!!
A peek into my Back to School Unit:


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