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Monday, December 28, 2015
Circulatory System
Circulatory System Introductory Video: Circulatory Video by SCIENCE KIDS
I LOVED using this video to introduce the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM because it was a great way to show the students a red blood cell traveling through the body and back again as it deoxygenates.  This video was short and sweet and a GREAT intro.  Click on the the link HERE.
Circulatory System Foldable: The students used their textbooks and a CLOSE READING article from my Body Systems Unit to fill out the following foldable.  Students reported on the different parts of the Circulatory System to include the HEART, BLOOD VESSELS, and finally the BLOOD.  Students also had fun illustrating the oxygenated blood (red) vs. the deoxygenated blood (blue) on the front cover of their foldables.  Click on the picture below in order to download this FREEBIE!
Respiratory System
Respiratory System Introductory Video: Respiratory System Video by Akron Chrildren's Hospital
This video does an awesome job of introducing the different parts of the Respiratory System while providing great visuals and information with a question/answer format, all while providing a little humor that the kids LOVE! 
Respiratory System Newspapers: One of the focuses in my school right now is to come up with activities that are considered to be rigorous on the Depth of Knowledge scale where the kids can design and apply information that they had learned.  I looked at all of my resources and most of them were just question/answer type formats and I just couldn't find WHAT I was looking for! (I HATE when that happens!!!!) So, I started thinking about having the kids create NEWSPAPER articles about the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.  I made the following template to help the kids get started.
Student template for students to complete a project on the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM! <FREE> DOWNLOAD!!!
Students researched the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM and then wrote NEWSPAPER articles and drew a diagram all in ONE! DOK 3/4 activity!
Here is how the whole display looked!

Digestive System
Digestive System Introductory Video: This site offers a great intro video to the digestive system (although a tad bit corny!) Also, from the Akron Children's Hospital, click HERE to be taken to the video. 
Digestive System Activity: After completing the CLOSE READ on the Digestive System from my BODY SYSTEMS unit, I had the students illustrate the foldable labeling all of the organs that are involved.  One thing my grade level was having the 5th graders do was write a narrative formatted story about the journey a piece of food takes in your body to be digested. Here is a pic of the Close Read!
Here is a picture of the foldable that I had my students complete last year. You can click on the picture to get this free download.  This is what I had the students do last year, and this year I changed it up a bit! Keep reading below to see what we did...
This year I put my students in partners of 2 and I gave them a blank sheet of large white construction paper and said, "GO TO IT!" The instructions were to diagram the digestive system and to include all of the parts necessary.  Then, students wrote about the journey that a particular piece of food takes through the digestive system on a separate sheet of paper. 
Example #1 
Example #2 
Example #3
Here is a glimpse of the entire display!
If you need articles for EACH body system to build your students background knowledge, click on the pic below to be taken to my pack…Happy teaching! Do you have any unique or unusual ways for teaching Body Systems???


  1. Hi! I love your newspaper activity! May I borrow this idea for my class? I must say it's one of the best presentation as an output of student learning. Keep it up!

  2. Hey, it is so nice experiment for teaching the body system. It is exactly what I was looking for my next week’s Phoenix preschool lesson plan. I have found some other printable too that I would be definitely using.

  3. Nice post on teaching body system to the kids. Your post is inspirational and I will surely try your method at my homeschool. Looking forward to more posts like this. I am homeschooling my kids and use ready to use activity and craft education ideas from http://www.kidsfront.com/animals/wayofmoving-match/. These ideas are very easy to implement with kids’ education.

  4. I would love to have one for the skeletal and muscular systems too!


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