5 "BIG KID" Holiday Projects!

Sunday, December 6, 2015
The holidays are approaching and that means……HOLIDAY PROJECTS!!!! I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you (for the BIG guys!)
#1) Snow Globe Dreams Project With SO much turmoil and negativity out there these days I wanted to create a project that would create positivity and good vibes. Here is a FREE Snow Globe Dreams project where students draw their dreams for the world inside the globe and even have a little space to write about them below. These are great for the main office bulletin board or even in the hallways! Click on the picture below to get the free printable!
#2) All About Me Holiday Ornaments
The next project is great for part of their holiday gift to their parents.  Students fill up 2 sides with "about me" type topics that serve as a great keepsake and will be something that goes up on the tree year after year! Click on the picture to grab this free printable! 

#3) Holiday Wishes Cube Project For this next project, I thought, why not focus on the goodness that the holidays can bring…no matter WHAT holiday a child celebrates??? Whether or not the students celebrate Kwanza, Hanukah, Christmas, Diwali, or St. Lucia……holidays are about common feelings of celebrating goodness, hope, faith, and family!!! So rather than focusing on the holiday itself, I wanted to focus on the feelings and memories that center around the holidays.  Therefore, the HOLIDAY WISHES CUBE was born! Here students can write about their wishes for there family, things they love, express what it is they believe in, their wishes for peace, their wishes for a joyful life, and finally a picture of how they celebrate the holiday.  What a GREAT way to get to know each student and how they will celebrate the holidays.  Also, as a mommy, I would LOVE to have this as a keepsake from my daughter!!! Click on the pic below to purchase this project (it is part of a bundle of projects!)

To make a sturdier keepsake that can be possibly saved for years to come, I thought about using a cardboard box for students to glue each side to instead of constructing the cubes themselves… I found these boxes from THE BOXERY on AMAZON and the boxes were $6.50 for a set of 20…. Click HERE to grab the boxes!
#4) All About Me (Right Now) Holiday Stockings
This next project is a FUN way for students to be CREATIVE! They answer questions about themselves and make a mural type collage of words and pictures.  This is relatively little prep (I just had the stockings pre-cut on large white construction paper.)  The template that I provided in the link will work, but I liked having them do the project on thicker paper so they could add color with water color paints.  The questions are in this download ready for you to go! Click on the picture below to get this printable! 

#5) Holidays Around the World 3D Globe
This next project is a FUN way for students to be CREATIVE! The students will read an informational passage about 6 different holidays people celebrate from around the world. They include Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, St. Lucia's Day, and finally Las Posadas!  The students will the write and draw key facts about each one.  In the end, they will have a beautiful 3D globe that look GREAT hanging in the classroom! I made this little video below to show you what they look like! (Although it got cut off at the end….RATS!) :)
Click on the pic below to be taken to this holiday project (part of my Holiday Project Bundle!)
I hope you ALL have a WONDERFUL holiday! Happy Holidays from me to you!


  1. Thank you for your information and printables. The last two weeks before the holiday break can be a struggle, especially with MOY testing and NWEA testing. These activities will provide a nice brain break. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I'd love to see you offer the cube template separate from the bundle. I don't teach Holidays Around the World, but would definitely purchase it alone.


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