Smaller Projects to Get in Gear!

Thursday, August 24, 2023
Small Projects

I love smaller writing projects for the beginning of the school year! Today we read Flight School by Lita Judge. This books has SO many themes intertwined in a beautiful but light book. The illustrations are my fav. 

Basically, the main character's dream is to learn how to fly. He is a penguin, and can't fly! His friend's try to help him out and basically end up building a string with wings for him and lift him up along the way. His disappointment in the middle of the story is strong when he learns he can't fly. However, with this, my students and I developed key messages that we thought the book had. 

The Author's Message
*never give up
*never stop trying
*keep on going even if it is difficult and your dreams might come true
*do the dream until it comes true and follow your dreams

After discussing the message of the story, we brainstormed our own current dreams!

I had MLB, WNBA, inventor, mind reader (LOL), explorer, gamer and more. 

Finally, students wrote their ideas on the bird template found here thanks to Crafts on Sea from the UK!

These looked great hanging on my door! Very bright and cheery. :)


  1. Thanks for being a positive force in the online community.

  2. I'm grateful for the depth of thought in your articles.


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