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Saturday, August 25, 2018
I was so excited to start my year off with a project with some getting to know you projects. For a few years, the projects of Ms. Lopez in the Art Room have caught my eye! She does these amazingly colorful autobiographical island projects that are absolutely beautiful. I thought this would be an absolutely great way to get to know my students in the beginning of the school year!

First, I introduced the concept of symbolism after reading, What Do You Do With a Chance, by Kobi Yamada. This is a lovely story about a boy not taking chances when he becomes discouraged from repeatedly failing.  Throughout this story, a butterfly will appear around the boy.  The students easily make a connection that the butterfly symbolizes possible opportunities and chances at a better life for him, but the question is, will he be brave enough to take a risk? This book is a GREAT way to introduce a project on symbolism! 

I also introduced the concept of symbolism with the following passage.  
This gave my students some background knowledge on the concept of symbolism! 
Next, students think more in depth about symbols that represent their personality and how they would like to shape their island.  I gave them the following directions page so that they could think about their plan.  Click on the picture below or here to grab this project!
Here are some amazing examples below! 
I LOVE how these pictures brightened up my room!
Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #3
Example #4

If you would like the link to the FREE printables, click HERE!


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