2017 Free Holiday Card Template!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Are you in need of a QUICK, fast, and adorable holiday gift?
Below is the holiday card I have been having my students work on this year! 
Just a few fingerprints, a poem, a picture, and you are good to GO!
Holiday Card, Free Holiday Card, Parent Gift
Inside the Card
On the inside of the card, I gave my students a poetry template that they can add their own touch and creativity to! 
First, students drafted their poems on the template, and then they published their final copy with a picture.  Depending on your students writing abilities, they may want to write something completely original for their card! I only gave them the template as a jump start. 
Some used it, others wanted to write something on their own.
                   Poetry Card, 5th Grade Holiday Gift, Christmas Card, Student Christmas Card Template
Download this FREE template by clicking on the pic below!
Hopefully your students will love making their card! Happy Holidays!
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