Place Value Activities

Monday, August 8, 2016
I always start the year off with Place Value, so I have compiled the different resources I use here in one place.  I use the following numbers and place value posters to provide a visual model of the different place value digits.  Students are able to use this as a handy reference throughout our place value unit as it is displayed in the front of the room. I have made this FREE for you! Just click on the pic below.

The next download has a variety of place value templates and exercises like the one seen below where students practice different place value concepts.  In the following weather disaster investigation students practice word form, standard form, expanded form, comparing numbers, and finding the sum and difference of larger numbers. These resources center around numbers to the billions. 

Don't forget to have students fill out EXIT TICKETS at the end of your lesson! I like to do this at least once a week in order to assess my student's learning. Click on the link below to go to my free download for Math Exit Tickets.
I am excited about trying out the next project with my students this year. Students will work in groups of 6 to complete place value concepts using their BIRTHDATES! My favorite part of this project is students are working together and collaborating with each other to complete each task. 
Click on either picture to be taken to the BIRTHDATE PROJECT!
What are your tips and tricks for teaching place value?


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