Making Inferences with Post It Notes!

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Today I will be writing a bit about how I introduced inferences to my 5th graders this week AND how I figured out how to print out Post-It Notes to use during my lesson! Right now, we are continuing our NOVEL STUDY with From the Mixed Up Files From Mrs. Frank E. Basilweiler and it was the perfect time to jump into MAKING INFERENCES.  First, I decided to build the students background knowledge with this introductory page from my MAKING INFERENCES pack. This page gives the students a paragraph EXPLAINING what it means to make an inference and gives them clear examples of making inferences! Take a peek:
After completing this sheet and discussing what MAKING INFERENCES were, students gave me their ideas about inferencing.  Their ideas were VERY inspiring!!! Tak a look:
LOVED when one of my students talked about using their COMMON SENSE to figure out what was going on AND when another students said that they can make an assumption or ASSUME based on the clues in the story.  So SMART!!! I had students write their ideas about what MAKING INFERENCES were using my poster/question set from my READING RESPONSE NOTEBOOK.  Here is the final product:
Have you seen the FANCY post-it note tutorials all over PINTEREST??? Take a look at a few HERE.
After seeing this COOL idea everywhere, I decided to try it out myself! I typed up a short tutorial of how I figured it out (click on the picture below for instructions)…It's actually pretty simple once you have the template!
Some of the students came up with some really interesting inferences for the beginning of the year.  I had them write inferences first in their notebooks to practice, and then they chose their BEST one to write on the Post-It Note.  Here are a few of my favorite examples!
Finally, take a look at all of the inferences that the students made on the COMMUNITY chart! I love that students who were having trouble were able to come up and read the chart for ideas and models.  I also love that this will be a GROWING anchor chart throughout our NOVEL STUDY! Here is how the chart looks SO far!
Have you tried printing on Post-It Notes? Give it a try! :-)


  1. THANK YOU for sharing!!!!! I have always wanted to learn how to do this and I am teaching inferences soon!!!!

  2. This is SO COOL! Thanks so much!!

  3. Printing on Post-It notes looks so cool! I love you ideas about making inferences on Post It notes…Thanks for sharing! I love your ideas!!!

  4. LOVE IT!!!! I'll give it a try this week :)))))))))))) I already have your Reading Response Notebook and love it!!!


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