Getting to Know the Writers in Our Class!

Sunday, August 9, 2015
Starting the year, I like to get to know my student's prior experiences with writing.  To introduce the different writing genres that we will be covering for the year, I show the students the following posters so that we can discuss what each genre means AND important elements for each.
Next, I have students complete the following foldable that allows the students to record Narrative stories that they have previously(or even WISH) to write about.  This gives you much needed insight about a student's prior experiences AND topics that they enjoy.
Next, students fill out some of their own opinions after we discuss the elements of Opinion Writing.  Usually students LOVE to express their feelings about homework, chores, and other HOT TOPICS!
I love introducing the elements of Informational Writing because I really get to know students personal interests.  On the cover of the foldable, student write what they have researched in the past AND what they wish to research this year!
Here is what the finished product looks like! 
Under the flaps, students record the elements for each genre.  
This is a great way to introduce writing in the beginning of the school year!
Need individual units that cover each genre? Links to the units that I use are shown below.
Here they are, all BUNDLED up! You get THREE units for the price of TWO!!!

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