End of the Year Awards Survey!

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Is anyone else excited about the end of the school year?  It is almost here and the countdown is ON.  I have always wanted to give the students end of the year awards but I was never quite sure on how to approach this.  I think this is a sensitive issue because what if a student receives an award and they are just mortified with what they got????? SO, to alleviate this issue I created a survey that allows students to CHOOSE which award is the BEST fit for their personality.  If I have 34 future authors (if that is what they choose) then that is OK with me.   They usually end up choosing different awards and they are always really happy with what they get! (Which is the MOST important thing to me!)  CLICK on the PIC below to get a copy of the FREE surveys!!!
Here is an example of what they look like filled out...
Here are links to the grade level awards...
How do you choose which students receive the different awards?
Find the matching memory books here!


  1. The survey link isn't working for me when I click the picture.

    1. Click the first picture. That's is the one linked, Korey

    2. Thanks, Melanie. And thanks, "Panicked Teacher," for the freebie.

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  3. I think you may have given me the answer to the student awards problem! In the past either I've chosen or let their classmates vote, but there are always a couple of kids who are obviously disappointed. Letting them choose is a perfect solution---why haven't I thought of that before? Thanks for the idea!

  4. Thanks for the idea. Yes some students might not receive an award nomination. I'll try the survey this week.


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