Measurement Conversions (A Different Approach!)

Sunday, March 22, 2015
I have always known that measurement conversions are TRICKY!! They are tricky to teach AND to learn.  Even when I am trying to figure out conversions I have to use strategies to help ME with knowing how many feet are in 3 yards etc.... SO, last year, I came up with a scaffolded method for this challenging concept.  I use the chart seen below for the students to use when doing the "math" in their minds.
The students need to start in the square where the information is given.  (Regardless of wether or not the problem states ___ pt. = ___ 32 oz. OR 32 oz. = ___ pt.)  In the chart seen below the students would plug in 32 ounces and then jump on over to the next square (divide by 8) 32/8=4 and THEN jump to their final destination 4/2=2.  

Next, I have students make the foldable seen below.  The thing I really like about the foldable is it offers students the opportunities to visualize real world examples of each unit of measure.  It is easier for students to visualize that a meter is the length of a standard guitar and that a gram is about the weight of a hershey's kiss.  
The following study guide is a great homework companion or intervention tool for small groups.  An important thing to remember when using this strategy is the students need to remember the order of the boxes so they can draw it themselves on a test/quiz/assessment.  I had the students think of mneomics (a learning technique that aides retention of difficult information.)  We came up with some great ones.  For customary length, the students came up with I Feel Your Mustache and I Forgot Your Monkey. The students LOVED coming up with them!  It REALLY helped them on the assessment and they felt successful!
Here is an example of how a student drew the steps.
If you would like to try this strategy out, there is a FREE printable sample (the same one seen below) in the PREVIEW in my TPT store.  I hope this strategy helps your students!  Click on the picture below to be taken there!  
How do you teach your students Measurement Conversions?


  1. Amazing resource. Thanks so much for taking the time to share!!

  2. Wonderful! LOVE this strategy.

  3. Thanks so much! I noticed an error on number one in your sample. It says 558 yards = 186 ft. This should say 62 yards in 186 ft.

  4. Hi! I saw that if I clicked the picture I could receive the metric foldable for free. When I click it, it is only the customary foldable. I did not know if there was anyway to get the metric one for free as well. Thanks!


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