Top 5 Inspiring Teacher Quotes!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Sometimes we all need a little inspiration!  I have been digging through quotes to find my favorite and have chosen my top 5 favorite teacher quotes.  Here they are!
#5) I love this quote! First of all, I loved Lily Tomlin in "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" and "9 to 5"and have always thought she was REALLY smart. Sooooo, since I am required to give the students one hour of homework a night (I know that takes some students longer than others) I often think about how grueling homework is for the family when a child loathes completing it OR puts up a fight at home.  Just like this quote is saying, I HOPE to bring some humor and ideas throughout the day that excite a student enough to go home and talk to their family about their day.  AND even excited to do their homework is an added bonus. Not easy though!  

#4) The next quote by Oprah Winfrey is one of my favorites because it reminds me that teachers serve many roles.  They can inspire, model, be a mother/father figure, and a role model for kid that really needs it!  My favorite teachers growing up was Mrs. Smith (4th Grade).  Great things happened for me there! I was voted student council representative AND she let me sit next to my friend Caroline.  She looked at us and said, I KNOW I can trust you girls to sit together, RIGHT? With a smile... It was just a little bit of kindness from her that gave my self confidence a boost.  I try to do that for my students too.  
#3)  I love the next quote by Henry Ford!  It is PERFECT to post in the classroom in the beginning of the school year.  I think it is a great reminder of building classroom community and working together.  I especially love it if our class is having trouble at recess.  I often refer to it when we come inside and remind my students about the importance of working together.  I also love it when the class is working together on class projects etc... and we have a great groove down.  The class can feel the success!
#2) The next quote is great for ENCOURAGING your rather timid students (like I was!)  One thing that scared me as a student was giving speeches.  After taking a few speech classes like Business and Professional Speaking in college, I knew I had participated in a debate~and felt good about never having to do that again! But, I did it and I felt successful... I like telling those types of stories to my students. 
 #1) My favorite teacher quote of ALL time is this next unknown!!! I ALWAYS try to remind myself that the day will never go PERFECTLY. There are always different strategies, new techniques, and unique ideas to try that may work with some students and not others.  We can all have a MILLION tricks in our teacher bags to pull out at one time or another.  Reaching for perfection should not be the goal~only finding what is right for a particular student at that moment in time!
What are your favorite teacher/teaching quotes?


  1. These are great! I love the one my Lily Tomlin- I had never heard it before! THANKS!

  2. Your welcome Deb, that one was new to me too! :)


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