Getting to Know You Projects-Part Two

Monday, September 1, 2014
The next project really allowed me to get a quick glimpse into my students personalities. Since this project is entitled a "Symbolism Project" we first talked about symbolism.  We started with a simple discussion on how different symbols represent universal ideas like the peace sign representing peace and harmony.  Then we went into a more detailed discussion about how different colors can represent things and the students came up with great ideas like red symbolizing danger, anger, or fire and green symbolizing money, greed, jealousy and nature.  Take a look at the circle map I created with the kids.
Symbolism Brainstorming Upper Grades Writing
 Next, I asked the students to think of one item that would symbolize or pretty much sum up their personality.  I told them they are all such unique individuals and in order to get to know each other better they would need to choose one object that they are extremely passionate about.  I told them that for example, I LOVE to create artwork.  I showed them a piece of artwork that I created exclusively for my daughter when she was born.  I told them that on a rainy day they would probably find me painting or creating some type of artwork for my family.  For that reason, I would probably choose a paintbrush to symbolize my own personality.  I gave the students the following paper so that they could have a written version of the directions (especially good for my visual learners!)
Beginning of Year All About Me 5th Grade Upper Grade Beginning of Year Projects

The students first drew a rough draft of their symbol.  I told them one rule was to try and draw their item as large as the 8x11 paper that I gave them. (This eliminates the teeny tiny drawings we sometimes get!)  Here is a before and after picture of a student's work that is truly fabulous.  This was something I definitely would not have know about this student if I hadn't done this project with them!

The rough draft...

5th Grade 4th Grade Beginning of the Year Project

This students created a magnifying glass to look like a detective.
5th Grade Getting to Know You Open House Back to School
And a class of finished products here ranging from ballerinas to football players.
5th Grade 4th Grade Getting to Know You Upper Grades Writing
Click here to get the symbolism project download!


  1. I can't wait to try this in the classroom! I like the idea of incorporating symbolism into the lesson. Thank you!

  2. Great idea! Can't wait to try. Loving your blog!!!!!


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