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Saturday, August 2, 2014
 So I am so thrilled to be a part of the So Cal Blog Surf today!  There are some amazing Southern California bloggers that have joined together to share some fabulous freebies and teaching ideas for all to enjoy.  This summer, I had many opportunities to visit some of my favorite California beaches and I must say that my favorite trip was heading out with my daughter to celebrate her 3rd birthday!   Here is a pic of my cutie with her bff!

Now that summer is coming to a close (1 week left!), I made the following freebie to ease my students into our Language skills challenge for the year.  Many of my kids spent their summer days at the beach so I am hoping to get them in the swing of things with this one!  Most of these skills are a review from 3rd and 4th grade, but I have some who will really need the repetition and extra practice.   Grab your copy here!!! Click on the image below to download this google doc...

Also, here is your chance to win a $25 gift card to TPt! Enter the rafflecopter here...

don't forget to surf on over to Katie's amazing blog, "the art of possibility" by clicking the link below!  


  1. Susie, I love you beach pic! And thank you for that wonderful freebie!

  2. Thanks for the challenge! I teach 4th grade & this will be perfect!!

    1. Your welcome Kathie! It does work well for 4th grade too. :)

  3. You daughter is a cutie pie Susie!!!!! And there's no better place to spend your birthday than the beach!!! :)

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