Coordinate Graphing FUN!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
I just wanted to share a little game I have been preparing for the students to practice Coordinate Graphing.  Basically, the students get into partners and need a spinner, game board, and a pencil. Students fill out the KEY on the game board so that it is easier to determine which player they are when looking at the game board.  The OBJECT of the game is for the students to get 4 in a ROW! This is terrific practice for those coordinate graphing skills AND students are working together  so they can monitor each other for accuracy. A WIN WIN! I threw in a FREE CHOICE option so that students have a chance to strategize where to put an ordered pair to improve their chance of winning.  This could be used whole group OR in a center.  I also threw in a question that asks the students to predict an ordered pair that they think may be in the winning 4 in a row (JUST for fun).  This could create a future discussion when I introduce PROBABILITY so I thought, why not?? The first time we play, I will have little prizes for the winners (pencils or other trinkets).
Download this game by clicking on the picture below...
Coordinate Graphing Game, Math Centers, Coordinate Graphing, 5th Grade Math
I hope your students have fun with this one!


  1. Love this game! I think this will be a great math station or something the kids can do when they are an early finisher. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What if they spin the same coordinates?

  3. How do I go about getting a copy of this great game? Clicking on the picture only sent me to request access which I did but didn't get a link.


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