The "Four" Operations!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Next up? The "Four Operations".  My goal for teaching addition and subtraction strategies in a student's interactive notebook are to show students how they can use the relationship between the two to check their work.  Here is a glimpse of what I do with addition and subtraction strategies!

Here are the key strategies I highlight for the students, but often times they can think of or know even more! 
I multi-differentiate for students that are not ready to add and subtract up to the "billions", but for those that are ready-they LOVE it!  Take a look at the bottom of the anchor paper below.  Here, I also make sure that the students are reflecting about what they are doing in writing.  The students fold this math journal up and glue it into their Interactive Notebook so that they can reference it again later!  
Below are glimpses of what I do with multiplication and division strategies.
Once again, these are the strategies I focus on, even though I know there are more.  I just want the students to have an awareness and see different ways of problem solving to deepen their understanding of the concepts!
 I LOVE teaching the "area model" for multiplication!  This is a NICE alternative for the students that were having trouble with the traditional algorithm.  Here is a sample of the math journal below.  Again, I always challenge the students to reflect on their work in writing so that I can read how they are understanding the concepts. 
Next up, lattice multiplication.  An awesome alternative strategy to show students.  They are "amazed" to see that they will indeed end up with the same number when they have completed the different strategies!  

Some students need additional support when writing their written reflections.  To give students that extra "boost" I provide them with math journal sentence starters to give some extra support while writing.  Students glue these into the cover of their Interactive Math Notebook.  I have the smaller version so it fits perfectly for them.
Let's not forget grading! Students glue the rubric seen below into their journal and I grade them for each reporting period.  I do not like to write all over the students notebooks since I am encouraging the students to take ownership of what they are doing.  Students fold the rubric over for confidentiality purposes.  This works very well for parent conferences.  I have students bookmark the page they are the MOST proud of and I open to that page to show parents.  From there, we go over their work for the current reporting period and the rubric.  This is a great way to keep the students accountable!
All of these materials can be found in the links below!


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