Math Journals and Interactive Notebooks: Part 2 Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Next up, comparing and ordering numbers.  There MUST be more to teaching this skill than the old alligator mouth, right? Now that I am using an interactive notebook for every major math concept, I LOVE doing something I call the "Real World Application" page where students can sort of doodle and record their ideas about what we are working on. Some conversation starters are: comparing the number of girls to boys in the class, comparing state populations, and comparing the number of letters in your first and last names. Here is what my doodle page looked like (my teacher model) after I was done!

Next, I introduce the standard and have the students glue those into their journals.  Have you seen those standards lists that are in KID FRIENDLY language?  I actually like to have the kids do the work (ESPECIALLY in 5th grade) and have them put the standard into their own words!  This really is a great measure of their understanding.  I also introduce any key academic vocabulary words.  For every word I TRY to think of some unique visual or picture, even if it is JUST an alligator mouth. :)
Finally, students use a spinner to assign numbers in this comparing numbers math journal.  This gives the students an opportunity to have different numbers than their neighbor and provides a NICE alternative to worksheets.  (Also great for those "wandering" eyes!)
If you would like to get your hands on these materials, click on the icon below!
How do you teach comparing and ordering numbers?

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